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MICHELIN AIRSTOP TUBE 5.00-5 BNT90 097-908-0

Part# 06-00019
MFR Model# 097-908-0


Michelin AIRSTOP® designed to provide dependable air retention in a full range of operating conditions, with features not available in other brands

Reference & Application Chart

Part Number Size Stem Avg
097-500-0 15x6.0-6 TR-20 / Straight 1
092-501-0 15x6.0-6 (H60 TW) TR-67 / Bent 90 degrees 1
097-534-0 22x8.0-8 TR-15 / Straight 3
097-300-0* 5.00-4 TR-67 / Bent 90 degrees 1
092-308-0 5.00-5 TR-67A / Bent 90 degrees 1
092-500-0 6.00-6 TR-20 / Straight 1
092-344-0 6.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 2
092-337-0 6.50-8 TR-15 / Straight 2
092-318-0 7.00-6 / 8.00-6 TR-20 / Straight 2
097-373-0 7.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 3
092-348-0 8.50-10 TR-25 / Straight 3
097-383-0* 8.90-12.50 TR-15 / Straight 4
097-543-0 355x150-4 Bent 90 degrees 1
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Tube is thicker than the one I replaced. Holds air nicely. I have not had to add air to it at all since the initial pressurization at install. Works as advertised

Eaa C Verified Purchase

MICHELIN AIRSTOP TUBE 5.00-5 BNT90 097-908-0

July 31, 2021

Good quality product.

Robert K Verified Purchase

MICHELIN AIRSTOP TUBE 5.00-5 BNT90 097-908-0

June 26, 2021

Been using airstop tubes for over 20 years after switching from goodyear. Their Butyl rubber compound almost eliminates air loss due to permeation.

Gregory W Verified Purchase

MICHELIN AIRSTOP TUBE 5.00-5 BNT90 097-908-0

June 22, 2021

Installed a Michelin Airstop tube on the left main during annual of Dec 2020 on my Grumman Tiger, this has held air very well, so well that I went ahead and just bought a new tube for the right main. The tubes are worth the money. Highly recommended.

Todd B
May 18, 2021

I’ve had 5 flat nose tires in 5 years. Some of the times quality of the tube was the suspect. Thought I’d try this tube and see if the extra cost is worth it.

Reid L
March 4, 2021

Unlike the recently purchased Dresser Leakguard tube that would not maintain air pressure, the Michelin Airstop tube has performed flawlessly. It is worth spending a little extra to own a better tube on your airplane.

Brian L
February 17, 2021

Best tube you can buy, been using them for many years. These tubes hold air extremely well, requiring inflation monthly compared to daily with lesser quality tubes. Five stars.

Brian A
June 25, 2020

quickly received and installed the next day. First time in so long I haven’t had to service the tire before flying. Packaged well the excellent instructions

May 9, 2020

Great service

Joe J
April 20, 2020

New tube arrived on the day projected. I installed it the following day with good results. Happy customer.

Dave S
April 16, 2020


Q: What is the correct tube size for the michelin 380x150-5 (part no. 070-554-0)? I want to go with the airstop tubes, is the 5.00x5 (part no. 092-308-0) the correct one? Thanks!

Yes, the correct tube for the 380x150-5 tire is the 5.00x5 Airstop tube, our part # 06-00019.

Q: Do the Michelin Airstop Tubes come with talc?

Yes, the Michelin Airstop tubes come with a light dusting of talc. We sell tire talc separately as well if you would like to add more talc for the install.

Q: Do these Michelin Airstop tubes come with 90 degree stems or straight stems?

The stem types are varied. If you look in the 'Reference and Application Chart' tab you will see the stem type for each tube listed.

Q: Which Airstop tube goes with the 11x4.00-5 tire?

Michelin does not have the tube for a the 11x400-5. For the 11x400-5 tire, we recommend part # 15-04651.

Q: Will 06-00019 tube work for 06-01436 tire?

Yes, these two will work great together.

Q: What is the difference between the 5.00 x 5 Michelin tubes P/Ns 092-308-0 and 097-908-0? We have ordered the 092-308-0 two times and have received the 097-908-0. We dont see the 097-908-0 on any of the aircraft application charts.

Michelin replaced the 092-308-0 with 097-908-0.

Q: Correct tube for condor 600-6 tire # 072-314-0?

We recommend tube part # 06-00021 for this 600-6 tire.

Q: Will the Airstop tube for the 8.50-10 work for the 8.50-6?

No, the 850-10 does not work for the 850-6.

Q: Piper cherokee 235D tire size tube and tire

Piper Cherokee has 500-5 nose tires / tubes and 600-6 main tires / tubes.

Q: What is the difference between the 092-500-0 and the 097-500-0 tube? Which tube is for the Michelin Air 070-317-0?

092-500-0 is for a 6.00-6 tire. and 097-500-0 is for a shorter 15x6.00-6. You would want the 092-500-0 for the 070-317-0 tire.