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Part# 06-17200


This versatile parking brake valve is ideal for installation in a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft applications. Arm actu- ates the valve in approximately a 45 arc allowing for ease of installation.

In-line installation can be used in conjunc- tion with either a single or dual parking brake system set- up. Its unique simple design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of parts. The parking brake valve body is made from 6061 anodized aluminum for lasting durability.



Installed in my Velocity XL. Its so small that it fits between the side wall of the center keep and the deluxe mount T cover that goes over it. Works perfectly, and definitely worth it!

Michael T
June 4, 2019

Very small and compact. Looks to be of good quality. Mounting is through the center of the body and package contains 2 rubber washers to use under the bolt head/washer.

Adam C
May 5, 2019

Found a metal shaving inside one fitting and was easily removed.

Mike S
January 13, 2019

Easy to adapt to a variety of installation challenges. Light weight, quality component.

October 19, 2018

Smaller than I expected, and incredibly light. I was worried about the additional weight of adding a parking brake... Ha! This thing looks and feels like something engineered for a Porsche or BMW. Very pleased with the purchase.

June 22, 2017

Disappointing quality for Matco. Pipe threads are poorly manufactured and leak. They had to be retapped deeper to make them seal.

Larry W
June 13, 2019


Q: Is the Matco parking brake valve control spring loaded? Does it come with fittings?

Per the supplier: There is no internal spring action to the valve handle. It will stay in position where ever it is released. There are adapter fittings on the valve that allow connection to 1/8 NPT male thread. There are no fittings for connection to the valve included since they are dependent on the tubing used. All connections to the valve are 1/8 NPT female (so male fitting is needed on tubing side).

Q: How much does this Matco parking brake valve assembly weigh?

The weight of this unit is 0.28 lbs.

Q: Does the lever apply the brakes or do you have to apply brakes with your feet and then pull the lever?

The parking brake lever is applied after the aircraft brakes have been applied.

Q: What is the Matco part number for this parking brake valve?

The Matco part number for this is PV-D.

Q: If the lever was moved into the closed position without applying the brakes first, therefore blocking the flow from the brakes side, but the brakes not actually applied does the valve still allow flow from the peddle to the brakes through the closed valve, in other words is the valve allow flow in one direction when it is closed

The 06-17200 acts as a resettable check valve. When the valve is in the open position, there is free flow in both directions. When the valve is moved to the closed position, there is free flow to the brake but checked flow back and the brake pressure is maintained at whatever the maximum level was applied. Once the valve is moved back to the open positions, free flow in both directions is re-established.

Q: Is the Matco brake parking valve (part # 06-17200) compatible with mineral hydraulic oil?

Mil-H-5606 hydraulic fluid, which is mineral based, is recommended.

Q: Do you have a rebuild kit for your part # 06-17200, a Matco parking brake valve? A paper that came with the valve has Matco numbers for O rings. MSC2-006, MSC2-010, and MSC2-904. If you dont have them, where can I get them?

Yes, we can special order a rebuild kit for P/N# 06-17200. This rebuild kit will include 8 o-rings, 2 pop it valves and 2 springs. Please contact sales for price, lead time, and ordering.

Q: Can the Matco Parking Brake Valve lever be installed on either side of the valve?

The lever can be adjusted for custom installation. You can review the installation instructions in the documents tab.