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Please select your state below to find the availablitity of an Independent Rotax Aircraft Engine Repair Center in your area.


For more information on becoming an Independent Repair Centre in our territory, please download the PDF applications by clicking here or contact:

Bryan Toepfer
800-247-9653 x302


Steps on becoming an official Rotax Repair Station. The following are the basic requirements to be an authorized Rotax Repair Station. This business opportunity is designed to improve customer service on a more localized basis. After attending the 2 1/2 day course the Repair Station will receive the discount outlined in the following price sheet. A summary of the formula used to arrive at these prices is listed on the following pages. This discount ranges from 5% to 25% and is based on the current retail price of the item as shown.

The course, given by a qualified Rotax representative, is designed to give the Repair Station a complete knowledge on maintaining and repairing all Rotax two cycle engines. This includes hands-on demonstrations on an individual basis. The course is held at either a Rotax Service Centers location. This includes basic repair manuals and other printed literature.

Overview:To assist the customer in the field with some trained personal at a local level for better service, we will authorize qualifying personnel Repair Stations for Rotax U/L engine repair.


  • 1. Attend an approved training seminar prior to acceptance and update training every 24 calendar months. Retraining can be obtained at a special reduced price.

  • 2. Demonstrate involvement in the aircraft field as a service related business with a location accessible to the public.

  • 3. Agree that parts and accessories are specifically for the repair and replacement by the Repair Station and are not offered for re-sale by Catalog or flyer.
NOTE: The use of the Rotax logo is forbidden without the express written consent of Rotax. Repair Stations are not authorized to use this logo. Contact Service Center for more details.

Service Center Participation:Each Repair Station will be attached to a Service Center. Certain geographical areas are protected for distribution of parts to the Repair Station. The distributor will allow special pricing to the Repair Station on Rotax parts provided that minimum sales volumes are maintained. The distributor will provide service information and maintain written confirmation of the transfer of data to the Repair Station.

Kodiak Participation: Kodiak will provide training and update seminars with sponsorship by the Distributors. Kodiak will not authorize a Repair Station within a 50-mile radius of any authorized facility already established. No sales will be made directly from Kodiak. Kodiak will arbitrate any disputes and that decision will be final.

Authorized status from Kodiak may be revoked at any time.

Revised 1/1/99 Subject to change without notice
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