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Deal of the Day from Aircraft Spruce from California Power Systems
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Date: Saturday - 03/17/2018
Part No: 99-00813
Retail: $1175.00
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Note: This is a used headset. Cosmetic condition is "like new" and tested perfectly for functionality. Great deal on this top of the line Lightspeed headset.

With Zulu PFX, Lightspeed Aviation has leveraged cutting edge technology, world-class engineers, and superior customer knowledge to leapfrog the competition and produce the world's quietest premium ANR headset for aviators.

Lightspeed's proprietary PFX technology creates a uniquely personal flying experience by actively conforming to your ears, your environment, and your preferences.

Streaming Quiet™ dynamic ANR uses external ambient microphones to continuously sample cockpit noise before it penetrates the ear cup. A powerful digital processor analyzes microphone inputs one million times a second, instantly creating customized ANR responses.

Acoustic response mapping uses sound waves and advanced signal processing to measure the user's ear size and shape, adapting the audio response to each pilot's unique auditory landscape.

A variety of audio and other pilot preferences can be personalized using enhanced capabilities in FlightLink, the free, proprietary app developed by Lightspeed for the iPad® and iPhone®.

Of course, Zulu PFX also includes the award-winning comfort and advanced features that have made the Zulu family the choice of pilots around the world—made even better.

When combined, these innovations create a dramatic increase in the amount, consistency, and frequency range of noise cancellation, as well as improved voice clarity and music fidelity. In fact, we are confident that the new Zulu PFX headset is the quietest aviation headset available.
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